Company and Team Headshots

Create Professional and Striking Company and Team Photographs

Professionally created photographs of your company or team’s members help to set your company apart from the rest, as well as convey your business culture and work ethos.

Company headshots

Company and Team Portrait Packages

Team Headshot Packages are primarily based on the number of people.
Studio headshots for companies and teams start from as low as R390 per person.
Headshot and portrait packages for shoots within your own environment start at R3450.

Team Headshots and Group Portraits in Studio or at Your Location

Studio headshots are best for individuals or small groups, but can be inconvenient and difficult to coordinate for larger groups. Shooting on-site at your location is ideal for larger groups. Mobile onsite business team headshots take place in an open area where we set up the selected backdrop and professional mobile lighting equipment.

Company and team headshots

Shooting Within Your Environment

When planning a shoot within your own environment it is important to consider the room size for the shoot.  The size of the room is influenced by the image style (the lighting look and background) as well if group shots are required. The smaller the room available, the wider the focal length of the lens that is required and this can cause undesirable facial distortion. The minimum room size required is 5m x 3.5m but a room of 7m x 4m or larger is recommended if possible. Low ceilings should be avoided if possible as light bouncing off the ceiling can interfere with the desired image style and look. A ceiling height of at least 3m is recommended if possible but 2.4m can be used if necessary.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are images where the subject is located within the environment in which they normally work, operate or perform. This can be anything from an office to a sports facility, an outdoor location, or an industrial facility.

Environmental Portraits help convey your company culture and work ethos by showcasing your environment through photographs of teams and individuals.

Environmental portraits

Creative Team Portraits

Show what makes your company special! Let us help you plan a fun and creative way to give your company and brand personality and life through creative company headshots and team portraits.

Creative company and team portraits

Image Retouching and Editing

All team headshots packages include professionally retouched images to ensure a professional and consistent look across all headshots, no matter when they are shot.
Click here to find out more about the retouching process as well as the differences between LIGHT, FULL, and COMMERCIAL retouching packages.

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