Our Approach To Great Headshots

Creating a great headshot isn’t just about taking a good photo. It requires good communication and collaboration between the model and photographer, a fun and relaxed environment within which to shoot, and professional image editing and retouching.

Unless you are a professional model or actress, being in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable, and we go out of our way to make sure our clients feel relaxed and at ease, and work together to help find your perfect look. Just ask any of our customers!

What to Expect? The Headshot Process from Booking to Final Images

Preparing For Your Headshot Shoot

IMAGE STYLE: In order to make each shoot as smooth as possible and have the correct lighting and backdrop ready when clients arrive, we ask that clients select or send one or more reference images of the style of photo/s they want, prior to the shoot. These can be picked from our headshot gallery or any website or other headshot image. Similarly, if you have requested professional make-up and/or hair, a reference image is needed in order for the make-up artist to prepare and have the correct products.

USEFUL TIPS: To help you prepare for your headshot shoot, we provide you a set of useful tips and instructions to help you look and feel your best on the day.

The Shoot

We do everything we can to ensure your headshot shoot experience is both fun and professional! We guide you with posing and help find the perfect angle and look for your features and body shape, to achieve and convey the impression and look you want.

During the shoot, we review and discuss images making adjustments and tweaks until we achieve great images that everyone is happy with.

After the Shoot: Image Selection

A headshot shoot will include from 30 to over 250 photos, depending on the package.  The images are exported as a series of 2K resolution watermarked selection previews and sent to the client for review.

From this selection, the client picks the relevant number of images for editing, based on the headshot package they have chosen. Along with the selected images, the client can provide any specific requests relating to the editing of the photo.

Photo Editing/Retouching and Colour Processing

Headshot retouching takes a clean, professionally shot, starting image and turns it into the next level best version of the model, helping resume’s and casting sheets stand out, and giving that successful international edge to media photos and corporate portraits.

Retouching allows for:

  • adjusting exposure (brightness) and colour,
  • fixing blemishes and reducing imperfections,
  • neatening, reshaping and adding volume to hair,
  • neatening clothing by removing fluff or reducing creases,
  • enhancing facial features,
  • cropping and reframing,
  • colour treatments, and
  • adding effects and artistic flair.

The retouching approach is based on the headshot package chosen, but we are guided by the client and often receive special requests (that may attract an additional charge) such as:

  • to look younger or to “lose weight”,
  • for scars or skin conditions to be removed,
  • removing bracers or straightening teeth,
  • changing the background or inserting a logo’ or
  • swapping heads or features between photos.

Retouching Thumbnail
See examples of before and after retouching or find out more about the editing and retouching process and packages here.

Edit Previews

As soon as edits of the selected images are complete, they are exported with preview watermarks and placed online for the client to review. Any feedback from the client is discussed and incorporated and the process repeated until the client is happy with the end result.

Final Image Export

Once final payment is received, the final edited versions of the images are exported in various croppings and electronic formats with optimised sizes for use online, in print, and social media and placed in the online shared folder for easy access.