Professional headshot retouching makes the difference between good and great headshots!

Just as darkroom negative development and processing played a critical part in film photography, modern-day digital image editing and processing is integral to producing professional and striking final images. Every roll of film required developing, and every image taken on a digital camera needs to be processed and exported before it can be viewed online or printed. Modern consumer cameras automate this processing and exporting (commonly as JPG files) using predefined algorithms in order to simplify use for everyday users, but professional and commercial photographers will always consider each image in the RAW format created by the camera, and either batch or individually process them before exporting in the format and size the client requires.

Headshot retouching takes a clean professional starting image and turns it into the next level, best version of the model, helping resume’s and casting sheets stand out, and giving that successful international edge to media photos and corporate portraits.

Retouching allows for:

  • Adjusting exposure (brightness), contrast and colour,
  • Fixing blemishes and reducing imperfections
  • Neatening, reshaping and adding volume to hair,
  • Neatening clothing by removing fluff or reducing creases,
  • Enhancing facial features,
  • Cropping and reframing,
  • Colour treatments, and
  • Adding effects and artistic flair.

Headshot images for print are required in high resolutions and print editing needs to be done in more detail than images required for social media or web use.

The amount of retouching is decided by the client and we often receive special requests such as:

  • To look younger or to “lose weight”
  • For scars or skin conditions to be removed
  • Removing bracers from or straightening teeth
  • Changing the background or inserting a logo’ or
  • “swapping” heads or features between photos

Retouching Packages

Candid photos for use on Instagram can be processed in minutes, while images for print in high-resolution that require extensive skin and hair retouching or creative composite images combining multiple shots can take several hours.

Each headshot package includes a number of either Light, Full or Commercial edits and additional edits can be requested and paid for per image.


for Social media and web
R100per additional image
  • White Balance Setting accurate white balance
  • Framing Cropping and rotation for best composition
  • Exposure & Colour Global adjustments of exposure, contrast and colour
  • Skin Reduction of skin blemishes
  • Teeth Whitening of teeth
  • Eyes Whitening of eyes
  • Images supplied electronically in HD 2K (1920 pixel longest side ) resolution.


High-end Magazine Quality
R650*per hour
  • White Balance Setting accurate white balance
  • Framing Cropping and rotation for best composition
  • Exposure & Colour Adjustments of exposure and colour
  • Skin Removal of skin blemishes. Reduction of skin wrinkles and eye bags/dark rings. Removal of skin blotches and evening of skin tones and colouration. Correction and adjustments to makeup. Softening of pores. Reduction of facial hair.
  • Hair Removal of stray hairs. Enhanced volume and shape. Improving hair-line. Thickening of hair or eyebrows.
  • Teeth Whitening of teeth. Removal of chips and discolouration. Reduction of gaps and skewness.
  • Eyes Whitening of eyes. Removal of eye veins and blemishes. Enhanced eye, lash and brow detail and colour.
  • Lips Removal of dry skin. Increased volume. Improved shape.
  • Clothing Reduction of clothing creases and wrinkles. Reshaping of clothing.
  • Shaping Adjustments to facial shape or features. Changing weight. Altering hair-line.
  • Colour Treatment Full colour treatment.
  • Compositing Changing of background.
  • Images supplied electronically in 8K high resolution (7680 pixel longest side).

* Commercial / Beauty retouching is charged at R650 per hour. The duration required for the retouching is determined by the client’s request and factors such as skin condition. A fixed cost will be quoted for each image once requested.

Background Replacement

If you wish to remove the background or add a unique look to your images, we can provide background replacements for your edited images at an additional charge of R250 per high-resolution image. The background can either be selected from our library of headshot backgrounds, or you can provide your own suitable background. For best results, background removals or replacements should be planned in advance and shot on a matching tone background.

Background replacement before Background replacement after
Background replacement Background replacement
Background replacement before Background replacement after

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